Alaska 2015

Port of Vancouver, B.C. Canada

It’s hard to believe two months have passed since we left on our cruise to Alaska. Although this was a second trip for my husband and I, it was our first trip with my siblings and their spouses.

At the port of Vancouver, British Columbia we walked into a massive hall. A hum of voices echoed in the open space as over a thousand passengers took their places in long lines of folding chairs.

Bewildered, I wondered how many hours it would take to process all of us. However, the organization and efficiency of the Holland America staff moved us quickly through the boarding procedures.

Travel Light Humor
We boarded the MS Zaandam and found our cabin on the promenade deck. When the order was given for the lifeboat drill, we reported to our station. At the beginning of the cruise everyone is required to find his or her assigned lifeboat in case of emergency. Apparently one person never did.

The captain called over the ship’s intercom. “Mr. ________, the ship cannot sail until you report.”

How embarrassing to be singled out in that way! But it was quickly resolved and we left the harbor at approximately 5:00 p.m. B.C. time. It was cloudy with good visibility. The sea was relatively calm—wind: northwesterly at three knots (3.452338 mph for the mathematicians and about 3 miles per hour for the rest of us land lovers). This gave everyone a very gentle introduction to life aboard ship.

Cruising out of the harbor.

Travel Tip
This first tip is courtesy of our tour director, Norene from Travel with Alan: “The key to packing is filling all the holes. I put socks and underwear in shoes—lots of space there. I roll shirts and pants—fold them nicely first, then roll. I think it reduces wrinkles. I’ve also learned over the years to pack lighter. Pull everything out you think you might need, then start weeding. Then weed some more.”

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Until next time—Travel Light,


©2015 SuZan Klassen

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