Get Familiar with the Ship

DSC05920Here are a few shipboard terms:
Stern — back of the ship
Bow — forward part of the ship
Port — when looking forward, toward the bow, port is the left side of the ship
(hint: left and port both have four letters)
Starboard — when looking forward, toward the bow, starboard is the right side of the ship
To go to the back of the ship–you’re going aft.
To go to the front of the ship–you’re going forward.
However, you don’t ever want to make a pier head jump.

Here's one reason a pier head jump won't work
Here’s one reason a pier head jump won’t work.
Here's the other reason a pier head jump won't work
Here’s the other reason.







My favorite place on the ship, windy or not, was outside walking on the promenade deck. If you don’t like to walk, the promenade deck has lounge chairs and warm woolen blankets.

Other than the Outdoor Walk Around on the lower Promenade Deck, my next favorite place to be was the Lido Deck. Breakfast and lunch were served there (there’s plenty to eat onboard—you’ll need that walk), but more than that, I liked the windows surrounding both sides of the dining area. Plus there was a covered dining area beside the pool, also surrounded by windows.

The Sea View Pool, a second pool aft with deck chairs provided a great view of where the ship had been. If it was too windy or made me seasick to look that direction, I sat near the windows in the Lido Deck dining room.

Travel Tip
Every cabin was given a map of the ship. This was helpful—not only for finding our way back to the lifeboats if we needed to do so, but also for finding everything else on board.

Study the ship’s map and carry it with you until you’re familiar with your surroundings. I’m embarrassed to say that the first time I cruised I wouldn’t have been able to find my assigned lifeboat if my life depended on it.

Travel Light Humor
Numerous elevators and staircases take you from one level to the next. During the first few days we were often drawn forward to the main staircase in the Atrium, partly because it was such a showpiece and partly because it was only a few steps from our cabin.

The only problem? Most of the amenities we wanted were in the stern. We were always going the wrong way. Silly land lovers. Oh well, we got more exercise that way.

By the way, a pier head jump is making a ship as it’s just about to sail. This would be difficult for most of us to do on any ship, but near impossible on a cruise ship.

Until next time—Travel Light,


©2015 SuZan Klassen

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