Get Your Sea Legs Here

file4381339636355Our second day on our way to Alaska we cruised the open sea with no land in sight—a good day for getting our sea legs.

My husband and I like to walk the deck after breakfast. This particular morning we sighted three orcas or killer whales off the port side of the ship (that’s the left side for all of us land-lovers).

Two of the whales swam together about a fourth mile from the ship. The third one stayed right beside us, leaping in the ship’s wake. It was cool to see them, but it made me think about what they hunt: dolphins. Since dolphins often escort ships I hoped they were keeping their distance today. I didn’t want to see a dolphin become breakfast for one of the killer whales.

Travel Tip
Take proactive measures to deal with seasickness. Walking on the deck helps me with the dreaded nausea. Love that fresh air and salt spray. I turn my face into the wind and breathe deep and slow. I’ve also found it helpful to only look at the sea when walking the same direction the ship is moving (forward). When I walk the deck in the opposite direction I do not look out to sea–it’s like looking out the back window of the car.

I bring ginger pills or ginger candy with me. They’re great for settling the stomach. I take one with each meal. Other items I bring for seasickness: Meclizine or some other type of motion sickness medication, and Nauzene® or Emetrol® for extreme stomach upset just in case. However, I’ve never needed them.

Don’t worry though, the ship’s infirmary will take very good care of you should you need their assistance. However, I’ve never had to use their services so I don’t know what they charge.

Travel Light Humor
Someone asked, “What kind of religion is it that requires people to wear those dots behind their ears?”

Until next time—Travel Light,


©2015 SuZan Klassen


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