Rhythm of the Ship

thumb_DSC05889_1024As we left the dining room on our second night aboard ship, we walked past one of many lounge areas. A young woman with shoulder-length dark hair played the piano while an even younger blonde woman played the violin.

Our family loves classical music so we paused to listen. We chose club chairs arranged around small tables in the center of the room or the more ornate chairs grouped beside the large windows overlooking the sea. We enjoyed their duet so much that it became our nightly after- dinner routine to listen to their evening performance.

Several other nightly entertainment options available aboard ship included:

  • Acoustic guitar versions of popular music from the 60s through today
  • Piano Bar with a sing along to requested music
  • Contemporary Music
  • Beatles Music
  • Jazz
  • Line Dance
  • Movies
  • Live Shows

Travel Tip
Most cruises have at least one formal night in the main dining room. Attire for these nights on cruises to Alaska seems to be slightly more casual than cruises to the Caribbean. We had two formal nights on our cruise. At the earlier dinner time slot when we ate, most men I saw wore regular suits or dress casual jackets and pants. Nearly everyone dressed even more casually on the second formal night.

Travel Light Humor
I only saw one man in a tuxedo on our first formal night. He was one of my brothers. He made sure NOT to wear that tux on the second formal night.

Until next time—Travel Light,


©2015 SuZan Klassen

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