Catching Ketchikan Humor

DSC05864On Tuesday our ship arrived at Ketchikan. Our bus-tour-driver-guide, Brian regaled us with humorous stories of Alaska in general and Ketchikan in particular.

Brian pointed out the multi-level wooden stairs that climbed the steep hillsides. The first houses in Ketchikan were built near the sea. As the town’s population grew, homes were built on the hill above. The only access to these homes is by staircase.

One third of the street signs in Ketchikan name stairways. Brian showed us Stair Street as an example.

Prospectors came to be called sourdoughs. Sourdough starter was the common method used to raise bread dough at that time. The starter required warmth to keep it alive and effective. Cold temperatures killed it. So the men kept the starter warm by keeping it close to their bodies while they worked. Because sourdough stinks when it’s warm the men stank, too, hence the name.

Travel Light Humor
“I’m often asked about the ratio of men to women here in Alaska,” our bus-tour-driver-guide said. “The male population of Alaska is larger than the female population. So yes, ladies you have a greater chance of finding an eligible bachelor here. However, some of the guys are a little strange having lived through several Alaskan winters. I’d like to warn you that the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

Travel Tip for Alaskan Tour Guides
We laughed hard the first time we heard the joke above. However, we heard it everyday, sometimes two or three times. It lost something after the second telling. Hope y’all find another good joke to share.

Until next time—Travel Light,


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