Prepare to Shop

DSC05873Before we left the ship at Ketchikan we were given a brochure with a small map. The purpose seemed to be to make certain we could find our way to all the jewelry stores.

Apparently diamonds and Tanzanite are the things to buy in Ketchikan. Well maybe not just jewelry. A few art galleries were listed on the map, too. And fish, of course. Another name for Ketchikan—Salmon Capital of the World.

For lunch we searched farther in town away from the glittering shops near the pier. We like seafood, but twice every day is too much. We wanted a different local flavor. We found it at a burger joint with an old-fashioned red Coca Cola sign in the window. We rubbed elbows with the citizens and shared the greasy counter tops.

After we purchased our canned smoked salmon, we headed back to the ship and set sail promptly at 3:00 p.m.

Travel Tip
Try to frequent locally-owned businesses rather than the tourist traps if you want to meet some colorful real people of Alaska and support their economy.

Travel Light Humor
If you’re interested in jewelry you’d better re-pack your suitcases before you leave home. Take out half your clothes and fill the holes with twice as much money. (P.S. We later learned that jewelry shopping is a big deal in many ports where the ship docked.)

Until next time—Travel Light,

©2015 SuZan Klassen

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