Course Correction

On our cruise to Alaska we occasionally saw a pilot boat come alongside while our ship was still moving. Pilot boats ferry helmsmen or marine pilots to and from ships. The pilot leaps from the small vessel onto an extension from the cruise ship or onto a ladder and through a door in the ship’s … More Course Correction

More than Feathers

I’m taking a break from Alaska this week to write some Christmas thoughts. No doubt many of you will be entertaining visitors or perhaps being a guest in someone else’s home during this season. Every year at our home between late fall and early winter some of our guests have fluttered in on a wing. … More More than Feathers

Whale of a Good Show

All whale photos on today’s post are courtesy of guest photographer Lou Ann Balderston. To purchase any of these photos you may reach her on Facebook at Balderston Photography. Lou Ann and her husband, Mark went on a whale-watching excursion the last week in June of this year. “We went up on deck and as … More Whale of a Good Show

Cruising Glacier Bay

Do you see the dirty areas in the photo above, as if someone drove giant trucks across the ice? That’s silt from the rocks. Rocks ground as fine as talcum powder by the glacier, then carried along as the glacier moved. The aqua-blue color in the depth of the ice is caused by years of … More Cruising Glacier Bay

Six Weeks ’til Winter

Our ship docked early Thursday morning at Skagway, Alaska. The town’s first name was Mooresville and consisted of one cabin and a dock. Later during the Klondike Gold Rush, hundreds of gold seekers overran Mooresville. Surveyor Frank Reid re-platted the town as Skaguay. This second name seems to be a variation of the Tlingit name, … More Six Weeks ’til Winter