Whale of a Good Show

Alaska Book 226w All whale photos on today’s post are courtesy of guest photographer Lou Ann Balderston. To purchase any of these photos you may reach her on Facebook at Balderston Photography.

Lou Ann and her husband, Mark went on a whale-watching excursion the last week in June of this year. “We went up on deck and as soon as Lou Ann pulled out her camera the show began,” Mark said.

Alaska Book 218w
Humpback Whales Bubble-netting

Humpback whales feed on krill or herring often through a behavior called Bubble-Net-Feeding. Several whales create bubble nets or columns of air bubbles in the water while they swim upward in ever shrinking spirals. This drives large schools of fish toward the surface. The whales smack their fluke on the water’s surface then with their mouths wide open, they make a second upward lunge through the net they created. In one giant gulp, they scoop up thousands of fish through their filter-feeding mouths. One study reports that humpback whales work in teams of at least two individuals and are not beyond robbing the prey from the bubble nets of others.

Alaska Book 234w
Baby Humpback showing filter-feeding mouth

Lou Ann said, “This baby humpback played beside our tour boat for approximately 20 minutes.”

Whales are not the only subjects that pose for Lou Ann. Weddings have been her specialty for over 25 years. She also does portraits and corporate photos.

Check out Lou Ann’s work on Facebook at Balderston Photography for your special events. A wonderful benefit of working with her is that she gives you complete ownership of all your images.

Travel Tips
A friend forgot to take her camera on her whale watching tour. She was so disappointed to have no pictures of the event. Be sure you’re not caught in a similar situation. You never know when the wildlife may put on a show for you.

Travel Light Humor – When is a fluke not a fluke?
I look forward to reading your answers in the comments.

Alaska Book 372w
Lou Ann took this photo from their cruise ship near Victoria, B.C.

Until next time…Travel Light,
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