Do you like Salmon?

If you do, Alaska is definitely the place to be. Sweet salmon was served for lunch on one of the bus tours. Another good place for salmon was on the cruise ship. The chefs are creative with their recipes.

I like salmon baked with lemon butter and herbs. Grilled salmon is good too, but my absolute favorite is smoked salmon.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we purchased canned smoked salmon in Ketchikan. You could actually buy it in every port we visited. Salmon was on the menu in one form or another in many city restaurants as well.

After having it prepared in every imaginable way, I had reached my fill.

One of my friends felt the same way. She asked if there were any Mexican restaurants. After so much fish, she was in the mood for tacos. Guess what? They didn’t serve beef tacos. They served salmon tacos.

Travel Light Humor
On our bus tour of Denali there were no flush toilets, but there were numerous public outhouses. The odor was most unpleasant.

Following our bus tour, my family stopped for pizza at the only open restaurant. That was fine with me. Pizza sounded great for a change. Many other people must have had the same idea. The place was packed.

Even though it was getting colder (the sun had gone down—temperature dropped accordingly) we sat on the deck waiting for our pizzas. While we sat there, an odor wafted across from somewhere nearby.

“Eck! That smells awful!” I covered my nose and mouth.

My sister-in-law turned to me. “That’s salmon! Don’t you like salmon?”

“Yes, but that smells exactly like the outhouses on Denali.”

No one said anything.

Travel Light Tip
When the sun goes down, the temperature can drop dramatically. During our day in Denali National Park, the temperature was in the high 80s. By evening, it was 49 degrees.

You might want to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt on a warm day, but always take a jacket or heavy sweatshirt on your daylong tours. You’ll be glad you did.

Until next time…Travel Light,
©2016 SuZan Klassen

6 thoughts on “Salmonized

    1. Yes, the pizza was good. There were a few other cool things that happened at the pizza place and afterwards, but I think I’ll have to save them for future blog fodder. So glad you laughed–love it when I accomplish my goals!

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