Only in Alaska

thumb_DSC06323_1024We toured Anchorage in the morning before our flight home. Hanging baskets of blue and yellow flowers lined the length of one main street. The colors represented the Alaska state flag with its yellow stars on a blue field.

Think of Anchorage as a few cabins in the woods? Think again.thumb_DSC06335_1024Downtown looked similar to any other city of 301,000 people with a view of water and mountains. However, there were a few things you might not expect to see. For instance, as we drove along a two-lane street our driver, Jeff braked suddenly. A mother moose and her twin calves dashed in front of us.

Photo courtesy of Richard & Norene from Travel with Alan
Photo courtesy of Richard & Norene from Travel with Alan

A fellow traveler said, “We road around for hours in Denali looking for moose and here they’ve been in town all along.”

Jeff shook his head. “Just another day in Alaska, people.”

Notice the sign? You’re kidding right? Nope. Version 2After our bus passed the yield to airplanes zone I looked behind us. A small float plane landed in the lake on the other side of the road. What timing. Alaska is the only place I’ve been where we had to yield to moose and aircraft on the same day.
Version 2Travel Light Humor
We were tired and perhaps a bit jaded before we started our city tour. Ten days of travel can do that. After viewing another tourist stop one man sighed wearily as he climbed aboard the bus. I overhead him muttering to his wife. “The tour guide could have shown us dancing elephants and we’d all have said, ‘Meh.’ ”

Travel Tips
Everyone gets tired after a long trip. We’re all ready for a night’s rest in our own beds and a return to routine. Still, most of us want the last part of our trip to have as many good memories as possible.

Here are a few ideas to try:
• Be gentle with yourself and others. Don’t expect perfection.
• Cut out some of the teasing. Tired people don’t always have a good sense of humor.
• Walk away from potential conflicts.
• Breathe
• Look for ways to savor the remainder of your trip. Do you like sunsets? Or sunrises?
• Retire early to rest.
• Spend extra time alone with God.

Until next time…Travel Light,
©2016 SuZan Klassen

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