Day at the Airport

How many hours of your next vacation would you like to spend at the airport? Many major cities have attempted to make their airports a destination unto themselves. A few years ago while waiting for a flight in Atlanta, I noticed the abundance of stores with high-end merchandise. Above one portion of the waiting area they even had a furniture store. Huh? Perhaps they gave free shipping as an incentive.thumb_DSC06350_1024Now this is just my opinion, but as a general rule, I don’t care how many shops or restaurants there are in an airport. My reason for being there is to get someplace else. Still, it is helpful that there are things to see and do.

Travel Light Humor
We spent our last day in Alaska at the Anchorage Airport. If you must spend an entire day this way, here are a few suggestions to help you get rid of your leftover traveler’s checks:
• Shop – Get those last minute souvenirs. T-shirts, anyone?
• Eat – The McDonald’s on one concourse had chicken guacamole sandwiches. Who knew?
• Drink Expensive Beverages – Buy Specialty Teas & Coffee beans to pad leftover space in your carry-on
• Shop – Need more souvenirs? Or maybe jewelry?
• Drink More Expensive Beverages
• Make Numerous Trips to the Restroom

Travel Tips
Obviously the above suggestions were offered tongue in cheek. If you travel on a budget like we do you might prefer to utilize these tips:
• Walk
Be sure to gently stretch your muscles before and after walking.
• Eat a light meal
Whenever possible, choose non-greasy protein if airplane travel upsets your digestion.
• Drink Water
High altitude plane travel is dehydrating. Caffeine and alcohol exacerbate the problem.
• Save your reading, writing, coloring, knitting, and any other seatwork for the flight.
Remember, you’ll be sitting a lot once you get on that plane.Version 2

We found another moose during our day at the Anchorage Airport.

I named him Mortimer Moose—Morty for short. After doing laps around him for the entire day we were on a first name basis. On my last lap I said, “See ya’ Morty. Our flight leaves at _____ p.m. Hey, did you just wink at me?”

Until next time…Travel Light,
©2016 SuZan Klassen

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