Lord, Heal Our Heroes

My heart is drawn toward our military and their families. They have suffered so much. Some service members survive battle only to commit suicide when they return home. I’ve been looking for a ministry that truly uses my donations to help these men and women. Operation Heal Our Patriots is a ministry I’m considering. If … More Lord, Heal Our Heroes

Stay-Cation Gardening

Here’s another Stay-Cation idea for those who need a healthy alternative to the traditional family vacation. Every spring we took our kids to a favorite garden store. They each were allowed to choose one vegetable or fruit to plant and one flower or ornamental plant. Someone always chose corn, of course. Tomatoes were our daughter’s … More Stay-Cation Gardening

Go North!

If you are a big picture person perhaps you’d appreciate an overview of what to expect on this website for the next few months. A young correspondent asked the newspaperman, Horace Greeley for advice. In a letter dated 1871, Greeley replied, “Go West, young man. Go west!” I’d change that to: “Go north, young man…err, … More Go North!

Pizza Movie Night

Our family loves pizza. It was a natural for us to choose a Stay-Cation idea that involved this food. Pizza Movie Nights occurred regularly on the Fridays my husband worked. It was an activity I could handle alone. Each child was allowed to invite one friend for the evening. I made a large batch of … More Pizza Movie Night

Stay-Cation, The Plan

When our kids were younger we were short on cash and shorter on energy for extended vacations. My husband worked long hours away from home. That meant the kids and I would spend many hours together. The summer stretched before me. I needed a plan. Something that incorporated their chores, encouraged them to get along, … More Stay-Cation, The Plan