Go North!

aurora-731456__180If you are a big picture person perhaps you’d appreciate an overview of what to expect on this website for the next few months.

A young correspondent asked the newspaperman, Horace Greeley for advice. In a letter dated 1871, Greeley replied, “Go West, young man. Go west!”

I’d change that to: “Go north, young man…err, people. Go north!” At least that would be my travel recommendation in the heat of summer.

In keeping with that idea, we’ll visit a few northern states and Canada.

For those of you who must have lots of sunshine, I’ll try to include some. No telling where we’ll end up.

The ocean may come in view when we dash across to Europe—another popular summertime destination. We’ll start with the Netherlands and see how far we get.

I think that much travel will keep us plenty busy. However, I need to add one other item to our itinerary.

The Stay-Cation theme I introduced earlier this month surprised me with its popularity. So, especially with children in mind I hope to share a few more stay at home ideas (or stay in your general area ideas).

Travel Light Humor
During summer’s heat I’d like to travel almost anywhere above the 45 degree latitude line. However, there’s one place I’d never considered before.

Iceland. It’s a little farther north than I had in mind, but a large portion of it does fall within the same latitudes as Alaska. I received travel information about it that intrigued me.iceland-1211171_960_720

“Discover Iceland, a land and culture forged by fire and ice. Steaming lava fields reflect a volcanic nature. Massive glaciers sculpt mountains and valleys, leaving thundering waterfalls and plunging fjords.”

Sounds and looks like my kind of exotic local.                                                                            seljalandsfoss-1207956_960_720

Now if I could just afford the plane fare.





Yes. All these photos are of Iceland, even the grass-covered house. Who knew?

Travel Light Tips
If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to finalize your summer travel plans. A few destinations still have discounts if you book soon. Also, remember to schedule your flights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for the best airfare.

What will you do this summer? If you could travel anywhere, what place would you choose? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until next time…Travel Light,
© 2016 SuZan Klassen

7 thoughts on “Go North!

    1. I’d like to go to Ireland, too. Isn’t it interesting how much the house (or at least the grass growing over it) looks like Ireland?

    1. Oops. Maybe my post wasn’t clear. I’d LIKE to go to Iceland, but it’s definitely NOT in the budget. Single plane ticket plus hotels, transporation, and food totals several thousand dollars.

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