Prepare to Be Spontaneous

beach-1485630_960_720Think back to your favorite childhood memories. How many of them have to do with your parents doing something spontaneous?

Will somebody PLEASE get that kid a wipe?
Will somebody PLEASE get that child a wipe?

Perhaps they suddenly called you to the car for a quick drive. Maybe you took an unexpected trip to the park, or a friend’s house, or maybe you heard, “Let’s go for ice cream.” Yum.

It’s easier to relax and be spontaneous when you’re a little prepared.

I know. That sounds like an oxymoron.

PB.Inigo.MontoyaLet me explain. Or for those of you into Princess Bride:

“Let me ‘splain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.”


Travel Tips
To enjoy spontaneous activities or road trips I keep a small summer kit in my car. I’m always prepared for fun, even if the fun has some discomfort. Here’s my list:
State Farm Road Atlas (I have maps and I know how to use them)
• Tourism Guide to local areas
• State and/or local maps
• Paper, pens, pencils
• Wipes, hand-sanitizer, etc.
• Tissues, napkins
• Sun screen
• Bug repellentfirst-aid-1288342_960_720
• First Aid Kit (include triple anti-biotic ointment, topical pain relief and itch relief meds for bug bites)
• Non-perishable snacks
• Bottled water
• Beach blanket
• Twin fitted bed sheet

picnic-tableWhy the fitted twin sheet? They fit over many standard picnic tables. Because they’re fitted they won’t blow off.

With a little preparation, I’m ready for adventure, which means I can Travel Light because my mind is at ease. It takes away all those excuses. “No, little Johnny. We can’t go to the park, beach, hiking trail, whatever. We don’t have any….”

You name it. What items do you wish you’d had recently? Or what do you have in your summer kit? What will you add to it?
On a whim late one afternoon my daughter and I chased a hot air balloon along highways and through a few back roads (she loved directing me). We followed it until it landed at dusk. It was a safe fun little escapade (I have maps and I know how to use them). It’s a good memory we share.

What memories have you made? Or what memories could you make this summer? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Until next time…Travel Light,
© 2016 SuZan Klassen

6 thoughts on “Prepare to Be Spontaneous

  1. I had a fun little trip Saturday. The hostess assured me it would be a thirty-five minute trip from my house to hers. I dutifully printed off her directions and headed out. When I passed Eudora, I was afraid I’d gone too far. At the time I didn’t understand the numbering system on country roads. I’m used to directions of, “Take the west fork, go five miles (five section roads) and turn south.” Hers read like, “Take 1600 road and turn right.” By the time I got to her her house I was an hour and fifteen minutes late. I would have been frustrated except I got to see some lovely country.

    Later, I found out I was only four miles north of Baldwin City, KS. That would have been so much easier if she’d told me that in the first place. Oh, and I do carry a map and I do know how to use it, except it’s useless on outback country dirt roads. So is my GPS when you’re in a remote valley that has no reception.

    1. Wow! Sounds like quite the adventure. Good directions are invaluable. It also sounds like a great blog post idea or at least a good short story.

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