God’s Nudge

leaf-ptg-giving-thanksThe Sunday bulletin for our large church was packed with inserts as usual. As I paged through the announcements and activities for various groups a lovely blend of fall colors caught my eye. An invitation proclaimed a Thanksgiving feast for Singles. Ordinarily I would have skimmed past it since I’m not single, but the colors of the artwork drew me in to read all the details.

The cost was only $4.00 per person.

How nice they can do it so inexpensively, I thought. In quick succession two other thoughts came: Yet someone might not have that $4.00. You have a $5.00 bill in your purse.

The sponsor of the dinner sat two rows in front of me. After church I approached her with cash in hand. “I sensed God nudging me to give this to you in case someone didn’t have the money.”

She squeezed me in a tight hug. “Before church a man told me he didn’t have the money. I’ve been praying and racking my brain to think of a way. I thought maybe I could earn some more money somehow. Or maybe I could adjust the food portions. But oh, this is an answer to my prayer.” She hugged me again. (Hugging is her spiritual gift.)

“We’re all retired and on fixed incomes. Did you know?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t know.”

It was such a small amount—such a small thing to do. Yet my obedience to God’s nudge brought thankfulness to two people all because God drew my eyes to that lovely blend of colors.

God knows how to catch my attention and my heart.

What does God use to get your attention? How might He wish to bless someone else through you today? How have you obeyed His nudge?

Share your story in the comments section below. I’d love to hear it.

Until next time…Travel Light,
© 2016 SuZan Klassen

6 thoughts on “God’s Nudge

    1. Why thank you. It was so kind of God to give me that opportunity. This Thanksgiving has a unique feel to it. Something spiritual is going on. I look forward to seeing God at work.

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