Super Bowl 2017

Football. Love it or hate it, there’s something on Super Bowl Sunday for almost everyone. We gave up TV in our house several years ago. It was a good year. We read more, played games, completed projects, and grew closer as a family. We only missed having TV a few times. One of those days … More Super Bowl 2017

Kilimanjaro, Part 3

Many things seem terrible to us at the time, but in retrospect we see the humor. Below is Part 3 of my friend, Dave’s trip to Tanzania. The remainder of his story regards his flight home. It offered him the opportunity to utilize his mountain climbing techniques in a rather unusual way. His original story … More Kilimanjaro, Part 3

Kilimanjaro, Part 2

My friend Dave wanted the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro this past summer. He organized it and convinced some of his friends to make the trip to Tanzania. Click here to read Part 1 of his story. When we left the story last week Dave, his three friends, and the four guides had begun the final … More Kilimanjaro, Part 2

Kilimanjaro, Part 1

When I interviewed my friend, Dave about his climb of Kilimanjaro I had one burning question: Why? To my relief he had a better reason than, Because it was there. His story will span the next three blog posts. Part 1 When I was eight years old my parents took me to the Rocky Mountains. … More Kilimanjaro, Part 1