Lean Into It

Nobody wants to lose, but are there lessons to be learned from losing? During this season of March Madness we’ve watched an abundance of college basketball at our house and on the road. The final score of each game may reveal a team’s strength for that day, but most interesting to me is how the … More Lean Into It

Pompeii Exhibit

Are you planning a trip to Naples, Italy this month? If not, consider a trip to Kansas City, Missouri. If you live in the continental USA, a plane ticket to Kansas City is much less than one to Italy. Union Station achieved another coup when it was chosen to be the opening venue for this … More Pompeii Exhibit

March Madness

Have you chosen your partner yet for The Big Dance? I’m referring, of course, to the NCAA Championship Basketball Tournament. Figurative language figures high this time of year. March Madness—the season of feverish fanatic fans of college basketball. Some say the term originated in the 1980s. Others claim it began over 60 years ago. Whoever … More March Madness