Watch Your Step, Part 1

You may have noticed in previous posts I’ve suggested you wear non-slip comfortable walking shoes during your tour of ancient Jerusalem. Much of the old city’s streets are uneven. This is especially true in the marketplace.

Wandering the stone-paved streets of the market we were distracted by the amazing sights. It was easy to be unaware of our footing. We encountered unexpected steps on either side of smooth rocky slopes the width of a small donkey cart or wheelbarrow. In the crowded areas it was impossible to see these surface changes until we were on top of them. Of course, the locals navigated easily.

The first reason to watch your step in the marketplace involves falling—literally. A member of our tour group did trip over the steps and fall.

The second reason to watch your step is more figurative. Don’t fall for the sales tactics of some vendors.

Travel Tips for Shopping in Jerusalem’s Marketplace:
• Haggling (otherwise known as bartering) is expected
• American dollars are prized, but if you use them
you may pay too much
• Check current rates and exchange your US money
for local currency
• Much of the marketplace merchandise was made in
Pakistan or India—but not the bushel of figs
and the wheelbarrow full of fresh bread
• Beware Middle Eastern sales tactics
• Try NOT to look interested in anything
you’re genuinely interested in
• Don’t pick up or touch anything unless
you know how to extricate yourself
or you wish to barter, if so . . .
• Buyer beware

A reader commented last week that they have missed my Travel Light Humor in recent posts. It’s the highlight they look for each week.

What do you think? Have you missed the humor? Comment below.

Tune in next week for a cautionary tale about bartering and perhaps a little humor, too.

Until then . . . Travel Light,
© 2017 SuZan Klassen

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