The Bahamas

What’s your idea of a dream vacation? Is it laying on a beach somewhere warm with clear blue water lapping the sand? If so, then the Bahamas may be the place for you.

The Bahamas truly do qualify for the list of most beautiful places on earth.

Caribbean blue water stretched for miles in all directions under the wings of our small plane as we headed to the island of Eleuthera. That slender piece of land is approximately 120 miles long and no wider than 5 miles at any given point. Prince Charles and Lady Diana had a private retreat there at one time.

White sand and pink sand beaches border that spectacular clear water–a distinctive blue green color unlike any other.

Beach combing was one of our favorite activities during our visit to Eleuthera. One thing that surprised me was how the vegetation crept out to the very edge of the water—sometimes destroying entire beaches. The deserted lifeguard tower at this one gave testament to its former glory as a coveted spot for swimmers.

Did you know North America’s pineapples originally came from the Bahamas? The pineapples are smaller and lighter in color (creamy yellow) than those from Hawaii. The core is soft enough to eat and just as delicious as the rest of the fruit. My apologies to friends from Hawaii, but I liked the Bahaman pineapples better.

Another common island food we enjoyed was conch. The flavor and texture is in-between chicken and seafood. Since they are cut into chunks and fried I guess they could be called conch nuggets.

Travel Light Humor
We made the mistake of traveling to the Bahamas the last week of May and the first week of June.

The human body is designed to cool itself through sweating. However, in the salty humid air of the islands, sweat does not evaporate. My relatives have developed a family mantra:

The Bahamas are great.
Just get used to wearing five layers of sweat.

Travel Tips
• Best times to visit the Bahamas: December – March
• Do NOT visit the Bahamas: May – September
(unless you’d like to wear five layers of sweat everyday)
• Support the local economy, frequent native shops.
• Enjoy the whole pineapple; eat the core.
• Pop is expensive and dehydrating.
Bring powdered flavored drink packets
or drink water instead, it’s better for you.
• Use Sunscreen and Sunburn Relief Lotion liberally.
• Hats are helpful protection.
• Watch out for spiky urchins.
They like the shallow rocky depressions along shorelines.

What’s your idea of a dream vacation? Tell me in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
© 2017 SuZan Klassen

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  1. European tour of Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria to go back to spend more time in the Alps.😊

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