Travel Surprises

This post is the first in a new series. Our destination goals for our summer trip this year included: Lancaster County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; plus Washington D.C. Yes, our goals were ambitious for a ten-day vacation.

A well-planned trip often makes for a more enjoyable trip, but it’s wise to allow room for surprises and we were in for a few. It’s a good thing most of our plans were flexible.

To begin with, there’s much more to do in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas than we were aware. That was our first surprise.

Our second surprise was the food. In fact, I can safely say, we ate our way through Pennsylvania. So, I’ll be including more notes about food stops in this series than I normally would.

Our third surprise was how much history we encountered. Everywhere we drove we passed old buildings—evidence of America’s beginnings.

So here’s the short list of some things to expect in this series:
There will be food.
There will be history.
There will be scenic places.

How can we possibly go wrong?

Travel Light Humor
Another surprise. I’ve spoken English all my life, but apparently I still have room for growth.

My new friend cringed as she listened to my pronunciation of her beloved county.

“It’s not pronounced: Lan • cas´ • ter.” She emphasized the middle syllable with a sharp “a” twang as in the casters on a chair.

“It’s pronounced more like: Lanc´• us • ter. If you want to sound more like one of the locals you should pronounce it that way so you don’t stand out.”

Message received.

Travel Tip
Enjoy the different regional dialects as you travel. Try to honor local pronunciations whenever possible. It may seem like a small thing to make this adjustment, but it often does make a difference to the residents. It’s a bit like fingernails on chalkboard to hear someone butcher a name.

Where have you found your manner of speaking challenged? Or where have you been surprised by local pronunciations? Tell me in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
© 2017 SuZan Klassen

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