Amish Country

On a beautiful summer morning we climbed into a large Amish buggy. Levi, our Amish driver and tour guide was a retired farmer. He skillfully drove our wagonload of seven tourists (including 1 small boy) across the highway. Many people think of the Amish and Mennonites when someone mentions Lancaster County. Those same people often … More Amish Country

Ephrata Cloister

One glimpse of those buildings tucked away from the road and I was immediately intrigued. Their architecture was obviously early (1700s) and obviously European. What in the world were they doing here in Lancaster County? The sign read, Ephrata Cloister. Dressed in white monastic garments similar to descriptions of those worn by original members of … More Ephrata Cloister

Lititz, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Lititz. Before coming to Pennsylvania, we’d never heard of the town. Founded in 1756, named America’s Coolest Small Town in 2013. After visiting I can understand why. Lititz Museum On our way to the museum, we strolled past several older buildings. One of them was the Warden’s house, built in 1757. The museum … More Lititz, Pennsylvania