Chocolates & Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie Cafe

We ate our way through Pennsylvania. So, as I promised in my introduction to this new series, there will be Food, glorious food! Today’s post features two favorites from Lititz, Pennsylvania.

First, the Chocolate
After all, I do have my priorities. Besides, if you drive into Lititz from the north on North Broad Street as we did, you’ll arrive at the Wilbur Chocolate Retail Store first. Wilbur’s iconic old chocolate factory is the large brick building across the street. Many nostalgic locals wish it still was the factory. They tell about the aroma of warm chocolate baked into the walls.

At the back of Wilbur’s new retail location you can watch through the windows as they make the candies the same way they have since 1894 when their signature chocolate candy was invented.

Hershey has their kisses, Wilbur has buds or as my friend called them, buttons. To me they did look more like buttons. The term buds was chosen to bring to mind flower buds.

Now, the Tomato Pie
The Tomato Pie Café is within walking distance of Wilbur’s. You may need to move your car though, as Wilbur’s parking lot is reserved for their customers. The café is a great place for lunch. Their ad states: A little food. A little coffee. A lot of charm!

I didn’t have the coffee or dessert, but lunch was delicious! The setting is an older building converted into small dining rooms. An outdoor seating area is available (weather permitting). It’s the kind of local place I like to find where the food and atmosphere are both enjoyable. I’d go back today if I could. What does that tell you?

Travel Light Humor:
I purchased an extra bag of mixed milk chocolate and dark chocolate buds to give as a gift. Once home, I stored them in the refrigerator. My husband managed to forget they were a present for someone else. Be sure to purchase more than you think you need in case your husband or you are apt to forget as well.

Travel Tip:
• Tomato Pie Café, 23 North Broad Street, 717-627-1762
• Try whatever looks good to you on their menu. I don’t think you can go wrong:
• Enjoy a delicious treat at the Wilbur Chocolate Retail Store, 45 North Broad Street, Lititz, PA. A small parking lot is located directly in front of the store. 888-294-5287
• Click the link to see their selection and place your order:
• During warm weather, Wilbur Chocolates will ship their chocolates to you on ice. They’ll even ship them to you overnight by FedEx Priority. Now that’s serious service for those who absolutely positively must have their chocolate un-melted.

Wilbur Chocolate Buds

How important is chocolate to you? How far will you go to obtain it? Tell me in the comments below.

Or tell me about your favorite local restaurant. Perhaps I can include it on my list.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
© 2017 SuZan Klassen

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