Maine’s Atlantic Coastline

tlt-portland-lighthouseWe stopped at the Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It’s obvious why. Even with an overcast sky and a few sprinkles, my husband took some great photos.

A small park and trail across from the lighthouse seemed to be a favorite dog walk for the locals. The trail made a loop along the rocky outcropping that guarded us from the Atlantic Ocean’s turbulent waters and back to the parking lot.

After our photo stop we headed to Ogunquit, Maine. We drove past several scenic coastal towns, many with the traditional weathered blue-gray clapboards we expected to see.

The lobster company scheduled to take us on the water cancelled our outing. They said it was too stormy.

Those fishermen make their living off the sea. If they say it’s too stormy to go out—then it’s too stormy!
tlt-ogunquit-harborLunch was a good substitute. Plenty of restaurants to choose from lined the shore. We found one with windows overlooking a quiet bay where small sailboats tugged at their anchors.

The waitress (bless her for this) led us to a table with a corner window. It was wonderful to be sheltered from the elements, but still able to view the sights. Once again, it seemed there was a photo op everywhere we looked.

After lunch we walked the high trail along the coastline. The fierce wind tugged at our hats and scarves. Below us driven by the wind, wave after wave of the foaming angry sea crashed against the cliff—a thunderous roar—like a jet engine.

I was so grateful to be on shore and not out on that water. My sincere thanks to those wise fishermen.

Travel Tips:
• If you travel with your dog as we often do, copy the locals. Utilize the small park and trail across from the Portland Lighthouse to exercise your pooch.
• Listen to the wise counsel of local fishermen before you venture onto unfamiliar seas.
• Don’t forget a hat and gloves if you travel during cold or rainy seasons. Bring a windbreaker and layer, layer, layer.

Many people claim they can stare at the ocean for hours. If that describes you, what is it about the ocean that mesmerizes you? Tell me in the comments section below.

Until next time…Travel Light,
© 2016 SuZan Klassen

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