The Liberty Bell

The famous Liberty Bell was originally called the “Old State House Bell.”

When most people think of the Liberty Bell, they expect to see that iconic crack in it. Everyone wants a photo including the distinctive characteristic. It wouldn’t be the Liberty Bell without it.

Most of us don’t realize that these bells were actually quite fragile. That seems surprising in a bell that weighs 2,000 lbs.

A fragile 2,000 pound Liberty Bell provides an interesting analogy.
Liberty is indeed a fragile thing.
It must be carefully guarded.

Special Exhibit: Independence & The Great War, 1917–1919
During World War I, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell became beacons of liberty for the city, the nation, and the world. See photos of rallies where people gathered to invoke the “Spirit of 1776,” where soldiers enlisted in the Armed Services, and where foreign dignitaries and people from all walks of life found inspiration.

The National Park Service’s special exhibit details:
• Exhibit continues until February 28, 2018
• Open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• Admission Free
• Location: Liberty Bell Center, 6th and Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA
• Wheelchair Accessible
• Visitors must pass through security screening to visit the center.
• Website:

Why was the Liberty Bell originally called the “Old State House Bell?” Tell me in the comments below.

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