Maui Routine

Even though Maui certainly wasn’t a routine experience for us, we found a daily schedule helped us feel more settled and still allowed us to familiarize ourselves with various regions of the island.

We walked the beach and/or pathways beside the beach early in the morning. When we were out by 6:30 a.m., we enjoyed the beach with only a few others for company. But by 7:30 a.m. we had to share it with more people.

I didn’t mind sharing the early morning with these industrious younguns.

The cool morning breeze made me feel glad to be alive.

After breakfast (second breakfast for some of us—I’m not naming names), we set off on our pre-determined tour destination.

Travel Tips to Save Expenses:
• Decide your plans the night before.
• Be flexible. Have 2 choices.
1. Plan an indoor tour in case it rains.
2. Plan an outdoor tour if it’s a sunny day.
• Take bottled water (remember, all that inexpensive water you purchased at Costco?)
Not only will you save money, you’ll stay better hydrated.
• Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy.
• Or make lunch your one meal out per day.
• If you want to splurge on an expensive restaurant—choose lunch.
Lunch menus are usually less costly (but not always).

Maui Onion, Walnut (candied), & Feta Salad

For our lunch during our visit to Whalers Village along Ka’anapali Beach we had a wonderful treat at the Beachside Grill of Leilani’s On the Beach. Not only did we have a view of the ocean from under our umbrella, but the food was amazing, too. Just look at my salad. Delicious! Plus it was a generous portion.

Whalers Village is an upscale outdoor shopping area at Ka’anapali Beach. Ka’anapali offers two miles of boardwalk lining the beachfront. So you can guess what we did.

This guy preferred to tiptoe across the bushes.

In the evening (especially after a hot day) it refreshed me to walk barefoot in the surf. The hypnotic ebb and flow of the waves mesmerized me. I wiggled my toes into the cool sand while the water sloshed over my feet. Ahh!

I can definitely say, for me at least, the best parts of our trip to Maui were the morning and evening walks on the beach. That was a routine I could get used to.

What about you? What is your favorite thing to do in or near the ocean? Tell me in the comments below. By the way, did you count how many times the word “beach” appeared in this post?

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2018 SuZan Klassen

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