One hot day in February we took shelter in the cool shade of this magnificent Banyan Tree. Numerous benches were provided underneath to sit and admire the tree, which is over one hundred years old. We ate our lunch there while enjoying the lovely relief from the heat under its canopy covering most of the city block.

Although it looks like there are several trees, they are all part of the same tree. As evidence of their inter-connectedness, trace one of the larger branches back to the original tree.

The photo on the right shows some of the tangled aerial roots. Instead of growing underground, the Banyan roots sprout from branches. Look closely at the featured photo above. See the thin roots hanging down like thick strands of hair? Eventually they’ll grow to the ground and plant themselves, if not disturbed.

The way this tree propagated itself through its sky roots fascinated me. It’s as if God said, “So, you think you know how trees root? Let me show you my Banyan tree.”

Travel Tips for Lahaina
• Go early to avoid the heat.
• Pack a lunch to eat in the Banyan Tree’s shade.
• Lahaina is Maui’s oldest seaport town.
From its dock you can charter a boat or buy a ticket
for just about any type of sea excursion you’d like
from scuba diving, to fishing, to touring.

• Lahaina’s waterfront shops have plenty to sell.
Fill your suitcases with souvenirs or ship them home.
• Save room in your waistband for ice cream or gelato.
Free samples were offered in so many flavors
we found it hard to choose.
• Tour the Old Lahaina Courthouse in the morning.
Except for the main downstairs hallway, which has
a lovely breezeway, the upstairs museum is very
uncomfortable to tour in the afternoon.

Travel Light Humor
Old Lahaina Courthouse shares the city block with the Banyan tree. Originally called the Lahaina Court and Custom House, it is the oldest public building on Maui.

Built in 1859, the courthouse served as the judicial center of Lahaina until 1987. The courtroom was upstairs along with a judge’s chamber and another area described at the time by a local newspaper as a room “in which to starve the jury into unanimity.”

Hmm. How well do you think that would work today? Tell me in the comments below. Or tell me what you think of the Banyan Tree. Or name the sea adventure you hope to take from Lahaina’s port.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2018 SuZan Klassen

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