Thanksgiving 2018

The turkeys in the above photo were photographed in the wilds of the Texas hill country. The morning fog almost hid them from our view.

How are you spending your Thanksgiving?

Family is so very important to many of us that we clog our nations airports, bus terminals, railroad stations, and highways to be with them. Some reports estimate that as many as eighty million people may be traveling more than fifty miles from their home this Thanksgiving. That is approximately one quarter of our nation’s population.

Among those at the LAX airport were many marines, mostly young men between the ages of eighteen and twenty years old. For many of those young marines, this may be their very first Thanksgiving away from family as they leave for their first deployment. Today, members of the USO served these marines Thanksgiving dinner at LAX.

Here’s a link to explain some of what the USO does for Thanksgiving.

Not everyone is traveling. Not everyone has family. Not everyone has found a place to be.

While huge numbers travel, others spend every Thanksgiving serving in churches or various relief centers to the homeless or destitute. I recently read of a couple who have spent thirty plus years serving in a soup kitchen every year.

If you’re alone this Thanksgiving and you do not like it, consider alternative plans. What could you do to make Thanksgiving more meaningful for you next year? Begin now to investigate the possibilities.

Tell me about your ideas in the comments below.

Make a list of all the things and people you have to be thankful for. I’d love to read at least one item from your list. Please feel free to tell me about it in the comments below.

Here is one from mine: I am thankful for my dear sweet sister. This week she was diagnosed with cancer. Not only am I thankful for all the years I’ve had her in my life, I am thankful I will see her this weekend. I look forward to giving her a big hug.

Until next time, find something to be thankful for and . . . Travel Light,


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