Travel Pillows

One of the frustrations with travel is leaving the familiar comfort of favorite pillows behind. We’ve tried a variety of travel pillows, including U-shaped neck pillows. They are not for me.

We purchased two MyPillow® RollNGo™ pillows, which we utilized on a recent four-day trip.
• Pillowcases included a folded flap for rolling pillow
• Measurements: 18″w x 12″h
• Machine wash; tumble dry

Here are our results:
• The first night I quickly found a comfortable position and fell asleep immediately.
• 3 of the 4 nights were the same. Only one of those nights required more adjustment before I was comfortable, but even then I fell asleep without much difficulty.
• My husband did not find it as comfortable. He needed a slightly larger pillow. Even though he was able to sleep with it some, he usually chose the hotel pillow.
• It did provide good pelvic support when placed between his knees.
• Pillows traveled well in our bags. Laid flat they cushioned items, too.
• Pillows re-fluffed easily when released.
• As advertised they rolled and tucked into pillowcase flap like a large burrito.

When rolled, they did not compress as much as I wished. And they seemed to take more space than they did when flat.

The pillow is also advertised to provide good lumbar support at your desk. Today I’ve experimented with it in my desk chair. So far, I like it.

Conclusion: Pillows are such an individual item. It is a challenge to find one shape, type, and size to fit all. I will utilize the MyPillow® RollNGo™ travel-size pillow again. My husband probably will not.

So, there you have it—two entirely different opinions. Isn’t that the way it usually is?

What is your favorite travel pillow? Perhaps it doesn’t matter and you’re one of those lucky individuals who can sleep anywhere, anytime. Or perhaps you’re like the little girl in the featured photo and all you need for comfort is your teddy bear. Tell me about your favorite pillow in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2019 SuZan Klassen

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