Siesta Key’s Siesta Beach

Located on one of Florida’s keys—barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico—Siesta Key is a luxurious spot. Its Siesta Beach is the #1 beach in the USA. Or so a sign along the road proudly proclaimed.

The bridge to Siesta Key was packed with stop and go traffic. That should have been a warning to us. Yes, it was a fine day for a trip to the beach. Many people were in a hurry to get to the island.

Typical colorful beach umbrellas lined the shore. Some seaweed rushed up in the surf at our feet.
Although hundreds of people lined the water’s edge, played in the surf, or sat in the sand, it didn’t feel particularly crowded with such a long stretch of sand lining the shore!

Did you know there is a Great International Sand Challenge? Siesta Key’s Crescent Beach was rated as “The World’s Finest, Whitest Sand™”

Advertisements stated the fine white sand stays cool. Although it wasn’t hot, it was warm enough for me with the sun beating down. By noon I’d had enough of the heat.

An open-air pavilion near the free parking area included free restrooms. A concession stand offered basic fast food at a walk-up window. Nearby stone picnic tables provided a semi-comfortable seat (if you like sitting on hard cement) under the pavilion’s shade.

Travel Light Humor
Free parking was available—that is if you could find a spot. It was full when we visited—another proof of the large crowd in attendance. We drove around several times looking for a spot.

People who looked for a parking spot in the free parking area were reduced to “stalking” beach goers as they left. One gracious man motioned us to follow him to his parking spot. As we waited for him to move his car out of the way so we could pull in, another car whipped around and took the spot—a classic scenario.

The gentleman who had ushered us was very upset with them. But they refused to relinquish what they had stolen. We ended up feeling sorry for the gentleman. He was more upset by the incident than we were.

I guess the moral of this story is: Keep your good humor. Don’t let someone else spoil your day. It’s one way to make sure you travel light.

Cheer up. Paid parking was available. (Ouch!) Or maybe you’d prefer to ride free on the Siesta Key Breeze Trolley. Check the trolley’s route map below.

Travel Tips for Siesta Key:
Siesta Key’s Chamber of Commerce website offers much information:
• Live Beach Camera & Drone Aerial view
• Shopping, Accommodations, Restaurants, Activities, Events Calendar
• 3 Beaches on Siesta Key:
• Siesta Key Breeze Trolley, free to ride:
Trolley PDF Route Map:
Wheelchairs, Bikes, Sports Rentals available:
(Google for other rental businesses—several available)

A lady struggled to walk across the sand using her two canes. I wanted to tell her about the special beach wheelchairs. Best thing ever to take your elderly or disabled guests to the beach.

Siesta Beach was very popular, but it might not be everyone’s favorite. Where is your favorite beach? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’m always interested to learn about new places. Preferably someplace with an abundance of free parking. SMILE

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2019 SuZan Klassen

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