Casey Key

Fancy mansions on a narrow winding road provided a different viewing pleasure on Casey Key. This yellow home in the photo above and elsewhere in this post was my favorite. Not because it was so big, but because of it’s architecture. Although, it certainly was BIG. You’ll notice I couldn’t back up far enough. I had to divide the photo into two shots.
The color was perfect. Love this shade of yellow.
This portion of the drive illustrates the narrowness of the island. At this point there wasn’t even room for another home on the opposite side of the road.
However, it was the perfect location for a private view of the other side of the key—a very picturesque use of the available land.

Travel Light Tips
Map of Casey Key — The map shows one main road on this skinny key. That’s because there is only one main road along the entire length.
• Drive carefully on Casey Key’s narrow winding road. When we passed a car headed the opposite direction, it felt like we might swap paint jobs. But my husband says I worry too much.
• Be careful if you step out of your car to take a few photos. Some people do not drive slowly.
• Be careful if you park alongside the road. Again, some people do not drive slowly.
• If you meet the trash truck making its rounds (we did) there probably will not be room for both of you (there wasn’t). They graciously pulled out of our way. It must be an extra challenge for them to do their jobs on these roads.

Look at this delightful signpost. I can just imagine family members having fun with this bit of creativity.

My two favorite destinations were: “The Farm” and “Gma and Pop’s.”

Which destination would be your favorite? Or perhaps you would add a different location to the signpost. If you made your own, what would you list as your favorite place(s)? Tell me about your choices in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2019 SuZan Klassen

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