Nokomis Beach

Near the end of our drive on Casey Key we stopped at Nokomis Public Beach. Plenty to do here: swimming, sun bathing, etc. Sandcastles anyone? Plenty of shells, too, for hunters and collectors.
This beach was covered with shells—mainly broken ones. Ouch! The tide must have brought them in. Head north up the beach for a better chance to find whole seashells that haven’t been picked over. If you’re very lucky you might find a fossilized shark’s tooth. Although, Venice is more known for them.

On the sandy path to the beach we passed this sign.

We think this mound was part of the Gopher Tortoise’s burrow. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone to ask—no one official looking anyway.

Travel Light Tips –  in Order of Importance!

Safety Tips for Swimming:
• Know how to swim
• Never swim alone
• If in doubt, don’t go out!

How to Break the Grip of the Rip Current
if you’re caught in it:

• Don’t fight the current
• Swim out of the current
• If you can’t escape, float or tread water
• If you need help, call or wave for assistance

Obey the signs to protect Florida’s Gopher Tortoises:
• Gopher Tortoises are protected by Law. Florida Statute 379.411
• Do Not put the tortoises in the water. (They do not swim.)
• Do Not touch them.
• Do Not touch their burrow.
• Notice the fine? $10,000 AND Violators may face prison time.

Nokomis Beach Basic Information:
• Free public car parking, picnic areas, and restrooms
• Local Lifeguards on duty
• Quiet, family friendly beach with clear water and fine sand
• Beachcombers, head north on the beach to look for the best whole shells.
• Wear beach shoes or athletic shoes to protect your feet on your way to and from the water. Nokomis Beach has fine sand, but those broken shells can cut your feet.

What are your favorite types of seashells? Are you on the hunt for a particular one? Tell me about it in the comments below. By the way, does the name Nokomis ring a memory bell? Tell me in the comments.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
© 2019 SuZan Klassen

2 thoughts on “Nokomis Beach

    1. I had not either. It was not as crowded as some of the beaches we attended. So that certainly was more appealing. Plus, it was a beachcomber’s paradise as long as you went far enough away from the area already picked over.

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