KSN TV Summer Road Trip

Lisa Teachman, KSN Weather with her new Storm Tracker vehicle

One of my favorite things about travel are the happy accidents. We stumbled in on a surprise yesterday, Monday, July 22 in tiny Arlington, Kansas.

Carolyn being interviewed

We took a short road trip over the weekend and stopped in at a favorite small town restaurant—Carolyn’s Essenhaus—Best Pie around. Essenhaus (German dialect) translates to: Eating House.

Pie is one of our favorite things about Carolyn’s. Besides that, her breakfast goodies are a yummy treat.
Over the years Carolyn (who is such a dear person) has become a friend.

Stephanie Bergmann

We chose a booth and discovered a surprise: KSN TV Wichita, a local NBC affiliate, was there to interview Carolyn. It was her restaurant’s 30th anniversary.

However, Carolyn’s anniversary wasn’t the only reason they were there.

KSN is on a Summer Road Trip this week:
5 days, 31 communities, 1,000+ miles of Kansas.

You Can follow their RoadTrip Itinerary:

You can also enter their Photo Contest:

Stephanie and her cameraman arrived first. They were followed by other members of KSN’s TV personalities and staff. They welcomed in the middle of the street by townspeople and local farmers. Those are the benefits of small town life. Everyone greets you and yes, you can stop in the middle of the street to talk.

Lisa Teachman, meteorologist at KSN was on the trip with her newly designed and equipped Storm Tracker vehicle. Interior photos shown here.

You never know what surprises you’ll bump into on a road trip (hopefully, no unhappy accidents, only happy ones).

What have you stumbled upon in your travels? Tell me about them in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
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2 thoughts on “KSN TV Summer Road Trip

  1. I remember Lisa Teachman from KMBC weather 🙂
    I adore good pie… I may have to visit Carolyn’s sometime soon!

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