Settle, England

Today’s Guest Post is from Kristi Holl, a mystery author.

In preparation for an upcoming adult historical mystery novel, Kristi settled in Settle, England for three weeks in October. (Settle is a village in the Yorkshire Dales of northern England.)

Kristi sent brief updates about the locale to her friends and followers. These updates included wonderful photos. See below for her post dated: October 6, 2019

Settle, England, Oct. 6 – I had an easy day today:
• started with God and my tea in the window seat
• cooked some farm fresh eggs
• walked a couple of hours
(BIG STEEP hills, and later rain and a rainbow)

• made friends with some sheep
• wrote a new chapter
• did some research
• napped away the jet lag
• grocery shopped and cooked
• read a lot, and the day flew
• A perfect day!
• (Thirteen photos below.)

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