All Around the World Tonight

Candles provide some of the best ambiance for Christmas. I love the thought that all around the world Christians light candles tonight to celebrate the birth of Christ. We all long for the joy and peace that only Christ can bring.

The words from A Thousand Candles reflect those thoughts. Evie Tornquist’s version remains my favorite. The link is provided for your listening enjoyment.

Unfortunately, this season of peace and joy is neither for persecuted Christians. All around the world there are suffering Christians who cannot celebrate Christmas in the open. They may be attacked if they do. So they worship in secret. Their candlelight is hidden.

Here are a few examples of the persecution:
• In India a pastor was killed after conducting a church service—his wife and child critically injured. The killers admitted they were bribed to do it by anti-Christians.
• In Egypt, Muslim extremists hacked into Christians’ Facebook accounts. Once inside, they posted content offensive to Islam, then rallied moderate Muslims to attack their neighbors.
• North Korean women refugees are sold to Chinese men.
• In Congo, an estimated 90 Christians were murdered for their faith in a five-month period.
• In many areas of the world, Children spend this season without one or even both of their parents because their parent(s) were imprisoned or murdered for their faith.

Imagine if you had to spend this season hiding in fear. If you would like to know more about the plight of persecuted Christians please go to

As you enjoy your Christmas in peace and safety, please pray for others who long to do the same all around the world tonight.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2019 SuZan Klassen

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