Valentines 2020

Yesterday we had all of our grandchildren here for the whole day. In addition to cousins playtime, I had a few activities planned.

We baked strawberry cupcakes for family dessert. After the cupcakes cooled, it was time to decorate.

We all trooped to the bathroom to wash little fingers. At least two of the cousins had the sniffles.

Next we gathered around the table with the three littlest ones perched on high chairs. I helped put on the white frosting, then gave each child colorful round chocolate candies and red hots.

Of course some of those candies were enjoyed before they made it into the frosting. I anticipated that. Still each child tried to put most of them onto their cupcake. They watched each other’s technique.

“I’ve got the best way to do it,” my four-year-old granddaughter said.

With her forefinger, she poked each candy deep into the frosting. Then popped her finger into her mouth to lick off the sweet vanilla.

Poke. Lick. Poke. Lick.

Her cousins all promptly copied her system—each one poking and licking and smacking their lips from the sugary goodness.

I was going to have them decorate all the cupcakes for the family dinner that evening.

Time for Plan B.

Any suggestions? Tell me in the comments below. How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your children or grandchildren?

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2020 SuZan Klassen

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