Free Burma Rangers

How can a family bring hope to the front lines of a war zone? Free Burma Rangers is a new documentary film to show how one family does so.

I don’t often tell you to see a movie, but I had to tell you about this one. To see why for yourself, you can skip to the movie trailer:

The movie follows the twenty-year journey of missionaries, Dave and Karen Eubank. They began their humanitarian efforts in Burma (Myanmar). Dave is a former Special Forces Captain. Like firefighters who head into the burning building when everyone else is fleeing, Dave and his wife Karen went to where the bullets were flying.

As Dave’s family (Yes. You read that right—f a m i l y—Dave and Karen’s three children go with them.) ventures together into war zones, they fight a different kind of battle.

Over the years, this family has fought to bring hope to families living in and fleeing from conflict. As they did so, more and more ethnic people joined them in their mission.

Free Burma Rangers is a multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope, and love to people in the conflict zones of Burma, Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan. From the villagers of Burma fleeing from the Burma army burning their villages to refugees on Iraq’s border fleeing ISIS, the movie shows us the work of the movement.

Travel Tips:
• Free Burma Rangers is in theaters nationwide February 24 & 25 ONLY.
You can buy your tickets via the movie’s website:
• Viewer discretion advised—includes intense graphic sequences of war violence.
You must decide what is appropriate viewing for you and your family.
Additional video and photos are available on the movie’s website.
• Watch another movie trailer to help you decide:

Dave’s words stick with me: “Even if we die trying, we’re not going to leave you, because you count.”

How far would you be willing to go to help someone else? Would you cross the street?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

BONUS: For all of us animal lovers, here are some of the Animal Hero Helpers for FBR and the heroic efforts sometimes required to keep those animals healthy.

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