Cheery Morning!

A Carolina Wren faithfully visits our back porch everyday.

At 7:00 this morning in the midst of cold drizzle, he found his favorite perch on our railing and sang his heart out: Cheery-cheery-cheery-cheery!

I guess he didn’t hear last night’s forecast. Snow is predicted later today. Perhaps deep within his breast, instinct promises him spring will come.

Whatever it is that gives him the courage to sing in the face of a coming snowstorm, he does.

I’ve always loved February. To me February means snow, and the happy play times that go with it. It means Valentines and all the love that goes with that. It also means the birthdays of two great leaders—President Lincoln and Washington. Their legacy is worth study.

When my kids were little we always read stories about the presidents. After we played in the snow we sat by the fire and read while mittens and wraps dried. Hot chocolate warmed us from the inside out—from our noses to our toes-es. (Yes, spell-check. I know toes-es is not a word.)

While I’ve enjoyed this month I know others do not. One friend despises February. She can’t wait until March. To her, March means spring has begun.

To me, March means mud. I grew up on a farm. March definitely means mud on a farm. Everywhere. Mud-mud-mud. It lies like slime on top of the frozen ground—much more treacherous and messy to walk upon than snow. Still, I find some joy in watching nature stretch and yawn as it slowly wakes up.

I admit I do not understand my friend’s hatred of February. I wish she could take joy in it.

We’re all different. Our life experiences and personal tastes color our views.

If you despise February like my friend, take heart. Take cheer from that tiny little bird with the big voice. Cheery-cheery-cheery-cheery!

Only one more week until March. Enjoy the mud.

And take courage. Spring will come.

Tell me about your favorite month? Why is it your favorite?
Write your answers in the comment box below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2020 SuZan Klassen


2 thoughts on “Cheery Morning!

  1. Monday morning when my doggie & I went for our walk, the air smelled & felt like SPRING! And the birds were happily singing that spring is on its way!! It makes me happy!

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