March Madness 2020

We’re serious college basketball fans at our house. Even when we’re traveling we take every opportunity to watch a game in the hotel, listen on the car radio or catch up online.

My husband often cheers for the underdogs. It can be fun. For him, anyway.

A big upset occurred March 16, 2018 when the University of Maryland, Baltimore County UMBC (relatively unknown on the Big Dance stage) beat University of Virginia. It was the first time in history that a #16 seed beat a #1 seed in the NCAA, Division 1, men’s basketball.

Sports can provide an excellent opportunity for character development.

About twenty years ago the #16 seed Harvard women, beat the #1 seed Stanford women in the NCAA women’s competition.

Add Enjoyment to the Madness
• Obtain your tournament bracket available Selection Sunday evening, March 15.
Download one from ESPN online or from an online sports magazine.
Newspapers also provide the brackets.
• Begin watching the madness and fill out your bracket.
• Read my previous blog posts:
March 7, 2017 for alliteration fun
March 21, 2017 for more on character in sports

The University of Virginia came back and won the 2019 NCAA tournament. Do you think they were motivated by their defeat the previous year?

Tell me your opinion in the comments below. Or make a prediction.
Tell me who you think has the best chance to win the title this year?

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2020 SuZan Klassen

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