A Tale of Two Families

I want to share a tale of two families and the corona virus. It is a true story.

My sister has lung cancer. I’ve written about that before. For ten years she was unknowingly exposed to Radon Gas.

Recent tests indicate her current medication is no longer effective. Her cancer is growing. The plan is to implement a more aggressive treatment—one that requires a port be installed in her body to deliver the chemotherapy. All this puts her at greater risk for serious infection from the corona virus.

We live hours away from my sister. With the virus outbreak, it seemed wise for me not to go to this important appointment with her.

I hate it that I can’t be there for her.

Another relative, I’ll call her Sarah, (a health care worker) is scheduled to go with my sister. That fact has allayed some of my feelings.

Meanwhile in a different part of the state another family, I’ll call them the Doe family, gathered to celebrate the happy homecoming of Mother Doe from overseas. Her family was ecstatic to hear the details of her trip. Her son, John Doe (who lives in the same town as Sarah) drove over to join in the celebration.

After the family party, John Doe returned home. As usual he stopped in the local convenience store, bought snacks and gas. He spent a little time telling those present about his mother’s trip, then went on his way.

Two days after the family party, John Doe’s mother tested positive for the corona virus.

Sarah visited that same convenience store as John Doe. Yesterday Sarah called my sister to tell her the news. Due to her exposure to a potential virus carrier, Sarah self-quarantined at home.

My sister went to her appointment today. Alone. I hate that.

I don’t think the majority of us are thoughtless on purpose. We just do what we want to do, stumble through life, and sometimes blunder into others.

During yesterday’s corona virus news conference, Dr. Deborah Birx stated, “People must take personal responsibility.”

Please observe the CDC guidelines:
Self-Quarantine for 14 Days if you have traveled anywhere.
• Do not visit those who have been traveling.
Self-Quarantine for 14 Days if you have visited travelers.
• Stay Home. Avoid unnecessary trips.
“Take Personal Responsibility”

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    1. Thank you. We received good news this a.m. A nurse will drive her. I’m very grateful since the trip is an hour and a half long. Driving that distance with chemo’s side effects would be miserable at best and a potential road hazard at worst.

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