Find Your Laugh Again

My writer’s critique group met via email this week. We all sent our manuscripts to each other—all but one. I feel bad for her because she’s unable to write during this COVID-19 issue.

She’s a great humorist and we need her sense of humor. We need her to make us laugh, but she can’t find her laugh.

I feel like everybody in the world needs to find their laugh again.

Another friend said her hubby is struggling with being cooped up. He’s an extrovert. Extroverts seem to struggle more with being cooped up.

Even the neighbor’s chickens don’t want to be cooped up. They ran away when the little boy tried to put them in for the night.


My sister has just now been diagnosed with another cancer—her third type. On our phone call I asked, “Why do you keep getting different kinds of cancer?”

She commented about a pre-cancerous polyp found years ago on a routine colonoscopy. “I guess I just manufacture cancer cells,” she said.

“Well, stop that!” I said.

She laughed—a genuine belly laugh. “That’s funny,” she said.

In spite of the meme on the left, apparently some people/places have plenty of toilet paper.

The man in this video link has enough TP to play. He’s made his own hand sanitizer dispenser. Maybe he’s an out-of-work engineer.

What are you doing with all your house-bound time?

My husband is working his way through a Sudoku puzzle book. He’s been in the middle section with medium difficulty puzzles for a few weeks now. (How long have we been sheltering in place, anyway? I’ve lost track.) Once in a while he grumbles. “I don’t think these are medium difficulty.”

The cover of his book boasts: Hours of Solving Fun!

Now that makes me laugh.

Tell me what makes you laugh. Write your answer in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Looking for Laughter,
© 2020 SuZan Klassen

7 thoughts on “Find Your Laugh Again

    1. Those are all good ideas. Those baby goats are funny. A dog in our neighborhood has a scream/bark. To me he sounds like one of the screaming goats on one of those animal videos.

  1. Well………this was pretty funny, my friend! I enjoyed this. Thanks! I liked the part about your neighbor’s chickens didn’t like being cooped up! Nowadays, I can only come up with good one-liners; maybe I should compile a list of Coronovirus One-Liners.

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