The Parade

Sometimes during these trying times entertainment comes to us.

Late afternoon two days ago, the dog had a barking fit from her post at the front window. My sister went to investigate.

Hundreds and hundreds of Black Angus cattle paraded down the country road in front of her home. They followed a pickup truck.

Trucks often bring feed to cattle in the pastures. The animals learn when a particular truck arrives in their field dinner is served. In essence, that truck is identified as their dinner bucket. Herd mentality takes over and they run to meet it. Well, walk quicker than usual. Cattle rarely run.

So these animals lumbered down the road following their dinner bucket. Two kids on a four-wheeler and another family member in an ATV maintained order and kept the parade en route. Another truck brought up the rear.

My sister recognized the family in charge of the herd and ascertained they were moving the cattle from one pasture to another. To prevent overgrazing, it is necessary to move the animals to fresh pasture periodically.

Although a few stragglers managed to tromp onto my sister’s land, for the most part, the parade was well behaved. Sheriff’s posse not summoned. No arrests made.


Meanwhile, a note about travel for the human parade: Some airlines are offering incredible deals for flights this summer and fall. If your personal health concerns allow it. Now is the time to take advantage of those offers. When things return to a so-called normal, prices are predicted to sky-rocket. And so will the human parade.

• Check the website of your favorite airline(s) for available flights. Destinations are somewhat limited at this time, but they are opening. Check special deals that include hotel, etc.

• Check airline press releases. In some cases the planes are near empty. Example: One small airline listed over 1 million passengers in April 2019, but only 36,000 in April 2020.

• Check the COVID-19 updates for each airline. Individual airlines describe what they’re doing to protect passengers.

• Social Distancing on flights allows you to finally have more room around your seat.

• Face masks are required on most of the flights I checked. Some may offer them free to their guests, but I would not count on that. Bring your own face mask and Hand Sanitizer.

Summary: Great deals available on selected summer and fall flights for less moo-lah. Due to COVID-19 planes are near empty and possibly cleaner than they’ve ever been.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

© 2020    SuZan Klassen     All Rights Reserved

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