Cosmosphere & Space Museum

Lockheed’s SR-71 Blackbird
In honor of the recent space launch we visited the Cosmosphere and Space Museum in Hutchinson, KS. Although I can’t share photos from the paid exhibits, I’ve included photos from the outside and the lobby.

The Cosmosphere houses many space artifacts and is a Smithsonian-affiliated museum.
The Liberty Bell 7 Spacecraft has been on tour and returned to the museum June 16. If you’ve never seen it, now is a good time to visit the museum. It will be on display in the lobby through 2020. More details here:

Plenty of parking at museum’s entrance

“Greetings, Earthlings!”




Lockheed’s SR-71 Blackbird spyplane is featured above. But here on the left, it looks small and like some futuristic thing from outer space.
Would you believe its first flight took place in 1966? Maybe it was one of those UFO sightings. What do you think?
It’s amazing how big this Blackbird really is. It takes up a large portion of the lobby. It was difficult to photograph its 107 ft. 5 in. length. In fact the plane was so big, it was mounted first and the building’s lobby was erected around it. You’ll have to visit the museum’s lobby to read more about this spyplane.





Tucked close beside the Blackbird, the Endeavor hugged the wall. Follow the length of its belly to the gift shop and the ticket window.


Stop the Spread
The museum staff are required to wear masks, but the public is not. You may wish to contact the museum just in case that has changed since we visited. Visit their website for details about their Coronavirus safety plan:

Ticket Information
Details about pricing and events. If you get there early you could buy the All-Access Mission Pass for a full day out of the summer heat. Otherwise, pick a single venue ticket.

We didn’t have a full day. We chose the Hall of Space Museum first and later saw Ancient Caves in the Carey Digital Dome Theater. Since several of those Ancient Caves were underwater, this was the most economically safe way to view them—unless you’re a cave research scientist like the main character in the documentary. Apollo 11 was the second documentary showing at the time of our visit.

The dome theater’s large screen sometimes gives patrons the sense of movement. If you tend to become ill while viewing any movie in this theater, just close your eyes or look down until the dizziness passes. Guests who become distressed are encouraged to exit the theater to the left of the screen.

800-397-0330; 1100 N. Plum St., Hutchinson, KS

To purchase tickets online or for more information such as hours and location, including distance from Mars (just in case you’re from there) visit the link:

Cosmosphere Camps – So many camps have been closed this summer due to Covid-19. This one still seems to be open. Check to verify it’s right for your child. To Register Your Child for Cosmosphere Camps use this link:

If you’re in need of an indoor air-conditioned activity this summer, the Cosmosphere and Space Museum might be one of the best places to spend your time and money.
What is it?

What are your ideas for an indoor activity to escape summer’s heat?
Can you identify the item in the photo on the right?
Tell me about your ideas and guess the item in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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4 thoughts on “Cosmosphere & Space Museum

  1. A fantastic exhibit and Hutch is very privileged to have such a large display of air and space pieces. A must see for young and old alike!

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