Moss Landing, California

If you love observing sea life, if you like water activities in a protected harbor, and if you like great seafood—then check out Moss Landing.

My new friends, Steve and Candy arrived at Moss Landing on a beautiful day (see the featured photo above). They stayed at the KOA RV park close to the beach and easily walked to the beach from the park.

The couple enjoyed many of the available activities at Moss Landing. They fished, kayaked, and enjoyed viewing the wildlife. The sea otters provided constant entertainment.

The bay and waterways around Moss Landing are known for their Kelp Forest. This unique ecosystem attracts otters, sea lions, resident shore birds and more than 300 migrating bird species. The otters are more than entertaining. They’re considered essential to the health of the Kelp Forest habitat.

Looks can be deceiving. The vegetation in the photo on the upper left may look like a small clump of seaweed. It is not. This mass of giant kelp is large enough to use as a bed. Although it might not be as comfortable.

In the photo on the upper right Steve is holding the stalk and root of a giant sea kelp that washed ashore.

Two marine research facilities are nearby. Marine conservationists study the Monterey Submarine Canyon, a mile-deep chasm. Unfortunately, the research lab and aquarium adjacent to the beach were closed due to COVID.

Steve and Candy observed several people carrying restaurant take-out bags. When the couple asked where the food was from, the people replied, “Phil’s Seafood. You gotta get it. You gotta eat it.”

With that enthusiastic recommendation the couple tried several different menu items during their visit. Everything was fresh and delicious, but Candy recommended the Halibut Fish and Chips as her favorite.

The couple enjoyed beautiful clear skies the first two days of their visit. But smoke pollution from the nearby fires changed all that.

Here comes the smoke in this photo on left. Every day the sky turned more ominous as evidenced in the photos below.

The photo on the left shows the sky outside their RV window. See how orange it is? The news is on the TV to the left of their window.

Residents and visitors were warned not to go outside because of the dangerous air quality. At this point the fire was 30 miles away. The couple decided it was time to leave.

Candy said, “Moss Landing was my favorite place we visited on our trip. It had so much to see and do. I want to go back.”

You can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Travel Light Tips

Tell me about your favorite place to view otters at work or play (it all looks much the same with these active animals). Or tell me about your favorite beach or harbor. List your ideas in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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