Prepare for Thanksgiving

While you’re preparing your grocery list for Thanksgiving give some thought to relationships. There’s more to the day than food and football.

              Consider relieving the things that stress you out.
                        We’ve all had enough stress this year.

One of my friends complained about a previous Thanksgiving. “We went to my husband’s family. The women all spent the entire day in the kitchen. First we prepared, then we cooked, and then we cleaned up. I don’t think there was one moment when I didn’t have food on my hands in one form or another.

“On the way home my husband said, ‘That was such a fun day, wasn’t it?’

“He was so shocked when I said, ‘Well, not for me!

“All he and the rest of the guys did was sit around joking and watching football while the women slaved in the kitchen. I don’t ever want to spend another day like that!”

Why not divide the workload?
• Share the cooking
• Share the clean-up
• Or both
• Guests can bring a favorite dish to share.
• Get the kids involved, too.

Kids can set the table—it does not have to be perfect. If you are having a sit-down meal, they can make place cards. They can also prepare a simple dish. Give compliments and encouragement so they will want to do it again next year. And of course, they can help with clean-up.

I love the Swedish saying,

                Many Hands Make Light Work

In some families, the women do the majority of the cooking, but the guys wash the dishes. In other families, the guys do the cooking or they’re in charge of the turkey. Take some time now to plan the division of labor so it truly will be a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for my husband’s help, especially with the turkey carving and clean-up.

What are you thankful for today? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Practice Thankfulness!

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4 thoughts on “Prepare for Thanksgiving

  1. One year I assigned each clean-up task a number. Then everyone drew a number and had to do the coordinating task. It was fun, especially when my BIL drew the dish-washing detail. He had never washed a dish in his life.

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