Christmas Plans Change

Every family has favorite Christmas traditions. One of our favorites is when the entire family gathers at our house to celebrate.

When adult children marry, another layer of complexity is added to family traditions. It’s important to consider everyone in the planning.

We usually compare schedules to come up with the best day for everyone. But not much has been usual this year.

Each of us received a message from one set of in-laws. Their side of the family had grave concerns about gathering. The two most important factors were the health of their 98-year-old patriarch and a newborn with breathing issues—both valid concerns even for those who don’t buy into the Covid panic. They asked for us to meet in separate family groups to celebrate the holiday.

I want to be the kind of mother-in-law who adapts to suit the needs of others. However, we’d all have to made adjustments for this to work. I was not going to make multiple Christmas dinners.

We re-organized our plans and settled on these activities:

  • We would prepare one special dessert for each family to share.
  • We would read the Christmas story.
  • For the little ones, we would re-tell the Christmas story with toy nativity characters.
  • We would have a short talk about appreciating gifts.
  • Then we would open presents.

Yesterday we had the first of the family Christmases. So how did our plan work out?

We did all of the above. Afterwards the children played with the nativity set. It was a lovely quiet evening. I was able to lavish attention on one set of grandkids. And I was pleased that the children were genuinely appreciative of their gifts.

As a result, I’m looking forward to the next one with more grandkids to lavish attention upon.

One Christmas down. Three more to go.

How about your plans? Has this strange year affected your Christmas?

Tell me about your favorite holiday traditions.
Or tell me how Covid has changed your Christmas this year.

May your holiday plans go well. But if your plans are turned upside down, may you find a way to adapt.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Plans Change

  1. I’m so glad it worked out well for this gathering. My plans this year – no trip to Oklahoma – but we may try to Zoom the actual opening of presents moment. Mom will not be with us as she can’t leave the nursing home. I’ll have a quiet Christmas – not sure when yet – with my son and his fiance.

    1. I pray you have a lovely Christmas and that Zoom works well to see your other loved ones. AND, I pray these nursing homes become better at handling this situation so our dear elderly loved ones do not languish without the care of those who love them best.

  2. We normally have my side of the family over for Christmas Eve…25 people. My parents are elderly and frail. I go to work in person every day. My daughter is just home from the dorms. We canceled it for this year. We probably won’t go to my in-laws for Christmas Day either…same issues there. We are hoping to deliver packages to all the key households in person, outside. Hopefully the blizzards will hold off.

    1. Oh, bless your heart! May you find a way to shower each other with love. If snow is to come, I pray that in some way, it will add showers of blessing on your family and not harm. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me.

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