Merry Christmas 2020

Bulkley River near Smithers, British Columbia, Canada by Jessica Coupe https://www.jessicacoupe

I love the photo above. It represents much of the beauty and stillness I associate with the best of Christmas. For me, stillness often equals peace. As for beauty, is there anything more beautiful than a snowy landscape?

Judging by the Christmas cards I’ve received over the years, I’m not the only who likes a snow-covered scene.

In many cultures white is equated with truth and goodness and purity. Those are the qualities brought to us by Jesus. White represents a clean slate, starting over, and a new beginning.

A blanket of pristine whiteness can even make a junkyard look clean and beautiful. Just as snow covers over so much ugly junk, so forgiveness covers over the ugliness of past sins.

Forgiveness is one step on the path to restore relationships.

From the beginning of time God intended for humans to be in relationship with Him—to love Him and enjoy Him forever. Sin ruined that by separating all humanity from God.

But God never forgot His plan. He worked throughout history until the precise moment He sent His son, Jesus to earth.

Jesus Christ came to restore broken relationships, first with God and second with each other. Praise be to God for this greatest gift of Christmas! Could there possibly be anything more peaceful or beautiful than that?

May you, dear reader, find forgiveness and healing in your relationships, first with God and second with others. Then it truly will be a Merry Christmas filled with peace that will also bless your New Year.

Until next year . . . Travel in His Light,

© 2020 SuZan Klassen

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