The Pattern of Struggle

When my first child was a baby, I noticed a pattern of behavior. At developmental stages my baby fussed for several days. Nothing I did comforted him. Then suddenly he would learn a new skill. He rolled over, or sat up, or crawled.

Unseen by me his little mind had worked until it mastered his muscles.

For the past several weeks I have struggled with a writing problem, which reminded me of my son’s struggle.

The harder I try to force my brain to a solution, the more frustrated I become. Fuss, fuss, fuss. My head hurts from the effort. But I am at an impasse.

Fussing does not help. Although it helps to vent my frustration, it does not bring a solution.

Sometimes going for a walk helps. Or working on another writing project. Sometimes reading. Occasionally, it helps to talk it out with an interested party. But whatever method I choose, it requires me to let another part of my mind work on the solution while I do something else.

The other day I could not find a computer key. The harder I pushed my mind to think where it might be, the more it eluded me.

Experience has taught me there is only one path forward at such times. First, pray for insight. Then take my mind off the subject. Do the dishes or other mundane tasks. Usually, the answer presents itself when I least expect it.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a similar pattern in your life. What do you do when you cannot figure out what to do? Or when you can’t find your car keys?

Based on the amount of my current mental frustration, a breakthrough may be around the next corner. Now if I could just see that next corner from here.

Unseen by me, a part of my brain is at work until it masters the subject. I may as well relax, ask God for insight, and shift the burden to His broad shoulders.

What patterns do you notice? What solutions have you found?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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