Why Kindle?

Did you know you can download the Kindle app free from Amazon’s website? You don’t have to have a Kindle tablet.

You can download the application onto your computer or your smart phone.

But why? You may still ask. Read on.

Benefits of the Kindle Application:

  1. Electronic books or ebooks download quickly and easily.
  2. ebook versions of most books are generally less expensive than other formats.
  3. You can adjust the font size for your personal reading comfort.
    • You can also change the font.
    • You can highlight and/or make notes.
    • You can bookmark and utilize other features to quickly find what you want.
  4. Multiple ebooks can be stored on your phone—like a library in your pocket.
  5. Enjoy your personal ebook library at your fingertips:
    • For all those times you’re waiting in line.
    • Or waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office.
    • If you’re tired or bored with one book—try another.

Feel free to start or add to your pocket library with my ebook: Grandma Brain. By the way, I hope you’ll be laughing too much while reading my book to be bored. Just sayin’.

What is your favorite benefit of reading electronic books? Or do you prefer print books?

Tell me about your preferences in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

Download Grandma Brain here. Or here: https://amzn.to/37UBUjX

© 2021 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Why Kindle?

  1. I have a Kindle PaperWhite and enjoy it, but still prefer holding a hardback book in my hands 🙂
    I typically use my Kindle for large books (over 500 pages) or on vacation when I can take several books to suit any reading mood.
    It wasn’t until I discovered the Libby app, however, that I truly began to use my Kindle. It is SO easy to borrow books (already formatted to Kindle) and then have those books automatically sent to my reader. I HIGHLY recommend Libby 🙂

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