He is Risen

Flowers bloomed all around us. Blue skies with soft puffy clouds lazily floated overhead. It was a lovely morning when we visited Jerusalem’s Garden Tomb. The temperature perfect, a soft breeze like a gentle kiss on the skin.

Strains of music come to me now as I remember that day: “Was it a morning like this?”

Not only is the melody beautiful, but the words are perfect. Here’s one portion of the lyrics:

Was it a morning like this?
When Peter and John ran from Jerusalem
And as they raced towards the tomb
Beneath their feet was there a tune?

Did the grass sing?
Did the earth rejoice to feel You again?

Over and over like a trumpet underground
Did the earth seem to pound, “He is risen!”
Over and over in a never-ending round
“He is risen, hallelujah, hallelujah!”

I love all the lyrics, but in particular, I love to think about the earth rejoicing to feel Jesus walking on it again. It gives me goosebumps or as some call them: glory bumps.

Below are links to versions of Was it a Morning Like This for you to enjoy. My apologies if you are forced to endure commercials. Rejoice! You can skip them.

For Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed. But that was not the end of the story.

The door of the empty tomb proclaimed it well:

He is not here, for He is Risen.

May you rejoice.
Christ is risen. He is risen indeed.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,
SuZan Klassen

© 2021 SuZan Klassen. All Rights Reserved.

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