New Transport

A whole new way to walk arrived at my house the other day.

I accepted delivery of a steel rollator walker. It has a seat so I can sit down when I need to. I tried it out in the house while the deliveryman was still here. I couldn’t believe how much easier it made walking.

It even cuts down on the pain. Wow!

But I still could not resist telling the deliveryman that, “I’m too young for this.”

Ahh, ego.

Now I need to call my sister and tell her thank you for the recommendation. She used to be on the board of a nursing home so she knew the exact kind I should get.

The funny thing is, this steel rollator chair is exactly the same type of walker my mother-in-law has. It is even the same maroon color as hers. And she is nearly 30 years my senior. Argh!

One of my granddaughters arrived for a brief visit later that afternoon.

Her sharp eyes immediately spotted the delivery item. “What’s this?” Lilly asked.

“A walker,” I said.

“You need it because you’re old,” she said.

Argh! Another hit to my ego!

“No. I need it because I have pain when I walk, and this helps me.”

I gave Lilly a ride on the seat. She decided it was okay after that. Actually, more than okay. She giggled and asked for another ride.

That evening I received an email from one of my online friends. Her reaction was exactly the same as mine when she received her walker a few years ago. “Oh, but I’m too young!”

However, she came up with a solution to soften the blow to her ego. She refused to call it a walker. She named it, her wheelie.

What would you name my new transport?

Tell me your ideas in the comments below.

Until next time . . . Travel Light,

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9 thoughts on “New Transport

    1. Hmm. I’ll think about it. I’ve been receiving more ideas via contacts from people who didn’t want their names to appear on the reply feature for whatever reason.

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